Mabel Profumerie Milano

Starting in 2019, Forma Italiana has once again ventured into the retail world
with a big project, the acquisition of Mabel Profumerie in Milan Downtown, a space entirely dedicated to the best luxury brands.

Expertise, customer focus, assortment, and a highly qualified staff.

The 2023 restyling has create a new format for this flagship store, aiming to pave the way for opening others in the city of Milan, where service, excellence, and luxury still find their place.

Online store B2C

The addition of Forma Italiana’s innovative capabilities to Mabel’s “physical” store creates a new retail concept opening an environment of digital interaction and online sales for the target consumer. The design philosophy is to make the digital space a virtual extension of the physical store, preserving all its fundamental characteristics (image, assortment, service and shopping experience) while adding functionality, immediacy and flexibility of the digital arena.
The new site was created in response to the omnichannel strategy of Mabel and Forma Italiana, aimed at generating more touchpoints for both current and potential customers to better meet the needs of the individual as well as to strengthen Mabel’s brand awareness both in Milan and nationally.



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