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Forma Italiana offers a large selection of perfumes, skincare, and makeup within the luxury beauty world. Thanks to solid relationships developed with the most important national and international brands, Forma Italiana ensures the availability of exclusive products. Added to this is the guarantee of efficient services and high professionalism.


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Parfums Make-up Skincare


Successful creator of a magical world, Lolita Lempicka has been imposing her unique style on the fashion world for years Through her creations she expresses her philosophy of life, her convictions and her most intimate feelings.
A perfume that evokes for every woman that particular moment in emotions on the cusp between innocence and passion. A journey that reveals the origin of sensuality and passes through the years as the sweet memory of the birth of a woman. A perfume that runs through time, leaving its mark on entire generations.
Forma Italiana S.p.A. is the exclusive distributor for Italy of the French brand Lolita Lempicka, for which a careful distribution and development plan has been devised on the Italian market.


Barbour, a leading heritage and lifestyle brand, features a collection of timeless and stylish fragrances. Barbour’s new fragrances for him and her provide a collection of new scents, each one inspired by different parts of Barbour’s heritage, ranging from its Scottish roots to British meadows, creating several distinctive aromatic scents.

Nikos is a legend inhabited by the Hellenic myths on heroic beauty, erotic sensuality and uncompromising character. Nikos honors the classical beauty of Greece and inspires the sensual aura for a moment of eternity. Nikos is a universe of eye-catching and original fragrances resisting competition -through its distinctive positioning and its artistic and aesthetic imagery.

Beauty House embodies the heritage of an iconic fashion brand designed by a woman for women. A unique story of Italian craftsmanship, innovation and women’s empowerment recounted across more than 50 years of elegance and style. A ‘clean’ and transparent beauty brand created by women for women expressing their femininity. A holistic experience of authentic luxury across three categories: fragrances, body care and make-up.

la perla
yuzen logo

Yuzen developed in Japan and sustainably manufactured in Italy from carefully curated ancient botanical ingredients and following Japanese rituals. Together, these ingredients and patented formulas hold the key to wonderful skin results. The Yuzen philosophy lies in a flawless blend of science and nature, creating Zen moments for oneself and a beauty routine founded on the concepts of nourishment, softness and product layering.

ARMAF, a French luxury perfume brand, unveils a couture collection of elegant, daring and inspiring fragrances aimed at the modern men and women. Moreover, the label features a collection of glamorous, indulgent and irresistible fragrance designs, all of which are proudly produced in the United Arab Emirates. Engineered with incomparable quality, extreme luxury, and a packaging that radiates class and style, each piece offers a distinctive character that suits every lifestyle.

Renowned Dubai perfume brand Lattafa on its authentic oriental scents vividly captures the essence of the legendary heritage of Arabian culture together with modern inspirations. Inspired by the Arabic words “Latif”, meaning kindness, and “Lateefa”, signifying pleasantness, it originated in 1980 from the vision of its founders to design luxurious, sophisticated, and fascinating fragrances of the highest quality for customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

al-haramain logo

The perfume brand “Al Haramain” is fully devoted to oriental essences and flavors.
With traditional ingredients from the Middle East, the label is a premium niche company that appeals to an international clientele. The brand’s name draws inspiration from the two holiest mosques and evokes the purity and holiness of Islamic tradition. Its philosophy is to share a great fragrance and making the world a better place through helping cultivate the spirit.


First launched in 1995, the ICEBERG Twice line of fragrances grew into a true classic, followed by releases of new fragrances that enthuse consumers. Very few brands on the market can boast 30 years of history and success. In the Iceberg world, sports is more than just an activity; it is a mindset, the attitude toward life that merges dynamism with style. This is the concept behind all ICEBERG luxury products, with fragrances included.

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All of the fragrances of the brand are powerful, charismatic and exclusive. They all originate from a successful collaboration between Mr. Plein himself and the eminent master perfumer Alberto Morilla, resulting in a powerful olfactory line rich in personal harmony and rare, ultra-luxurious ingredients.

philip plein

The prestigious brand Chopard, founded in 1860, brings Swiss quality and tradition into the world of women’s and men’s fragrances and creates Fragrances as precious, sophisticated and elegant as fine jewelry or luxury watches. Each of its fragrances feels like a small jewel set in a bottle that recalls a precious stone while staying loyal to its roots.

Jeanne Arthes offers fragrances that blend French savoir-faire and elegance with modern market trends. Her innovative, high-quality products are created in the purest tradition of Grasse, in collaboration with internationally renowned perfume houses.

jeanne arthes

More than 40 years ago, Ulric de Varens launched a wholly revolutionary vision of perfume imparting a notion of simplicity and accessibility through working with the best perfume noses to develop its women’s and men’s fragrances at an affordable price. Ulric de Varens is considered the first “Made In France” label providing a wide collection of quality perfumes for women and men, with both innovative packaging and affordable prices making luxury accessible to all.

ulric de varens

Specialist in skin care and natural cosmetics for over 50 years, Gamarde is the organic ethical dermocosmetics expert. It features a scientific approach to skin care, combining a deep insight into skin physiology and expertise in research and formulation, primarily blending ingredients of natural origin, organic plant actives, along with thermal water. DERMOCOSM’ETHIC BIO is a unique know-how in 100% natural origin and certified organic formulation.

Completely sourced from nature, evian® water is made by the French Alps. Evian® Facial Spray contains pure, natural Evian® water. Unlike other products, our spray provides an ultra-fine microdroplet mist that allows the upper layers of skin to absorb the unique mineral content only found in evian® water. This process gives skin an unparalleled boost of natural hydration.



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